2017 – A brief summary

From our last practice of the year. Photo: Anna Palmgren From our last practice of the year. Photo: Anna Palmgren
What a year it has been! We’ve seen some wins and some losses, made a political statement, broken new ground for the league, but most importantly; we had a lot of fun together!
We kicked off strong with a statement that united Roller Derby in Sweden; xenophobia is, and will never, be tolerated. We made a public statement on our fan page and wrote a debate article that got published in a major Swedish news outlet  And it didn’t stop there. More Swedish news sites wrote about it, and we even got some international attention from magazines like Vice.
We also lent ourselves to other projects to stand up against racism, like the photo book “Last Night in Sweden”. It was created in reaction to the allegations by the president of the United States that Sweden was suffering because of refugees. In the book, we are part of showing what a normal, Swedish evening might look like. The submitted picture can be found here.
One of the biggest events during this year was that we sent a team to the United States for the first time to play in a WFTDA sanctioned tournament. It was a big gamble, but it sure payed off! We went to Rockland, Maine to participate in Coastal Chaos, an annual tournament hosted by Rock Coast Rollers, and we cleaned the house down. Winning all three of our games, we not only won the whole tournament, but also climbed several ranks in WFTDA’s official ranking!
Our B-team has also been busy beavers this year. In the spring they participated in the Legenderby Daze tournament, hosted by Jackdaw City Rollers, finishing second to Norrköping’s B-team. The two teams battled it out again shortly after, but this time it was the Beavers who stood victorious. While the fall season was a bit calmer for the team, they did manage to make a trip to Oslo for a fun and successful game against the Tiger City Beasts.
It would be a shame to summarize the year without mentioning some more personal experiences as well. Our Head NSO Iceman has had quite the year. He officiated no less than 101 games(!) this year, including a fair few during The Big O and the WFTDA Playoffs, as well as the WFTDA Champs. He will also be Co-head NSO at the upcoming 2018 Roller Derby World Cup. Speaking of which, we are also very proud of our two players who made the roster for two national teams competing in the world cup next year; Mithra will be representing Team IRN, and Exe QT Team Romania. Best of luck to all of them!
During the year we usually host some games as well, and this year was no exception. In the spring we hosted themed events like “We Can Block It!”, “April Fools” and “Go Kid Yourself”, and in the fall we hosted a full weekend of the Swedish Game Series. As usual, we also competed in the Game Series 2016/2017, placing fifth and qualifying to next season’s series.
It has been an eventful year, made possible by team work, camaraderie and our shared love for this sport. We want to thank everyone involved for an awesome year! Hope to see you on the track next year.




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