We have three different skating levels in GBGRD - Fresh Wheel (FW), Impact Player (IP) and Game Ready (GR).

If you are new to Roller Derby you will start out in our Fresh Wheel group and will  be taught the basics of the sport, both in skating skills and with rule school.
The group have practices twice a week. When you feel a bit more at home you will also be expected to participate in one of our responsibility groups to make practices, games and activities possible.

If and/or when you have previous experience you will be placed in our Impact Player group where you have some practices with the Fresh Wheels and some with the Game Ready group. Impact Players are allowed more close contact and join GR on low contact scrimmages once a month. 

If you are experienced with game play, maybe from another league or have passed the minimum skills test (when that still was a thing) you are welcome to join our Game Ready group. GR practices three times a week including scrimmage every tuesday. When you are Game Ready you are also welcome to apply for our traveling team, the Gothenburg Aqwarriors.

If you feel like you might be more into rules than hits you are more than welcome to join us as a referee or a non skating official (NSO)! Fill out the form and we will contact you and arrange a plan for you based on your skill level. If you are completely new to skating you will get to start learning the basics with other new skaters in the Fresh Wheel group.

Maybe you feel like skating is not your thing at all? You can still be a part of the wonderful world of roller derby by joining Gothenburg Roller Derby as a non skating official! We are always in need of NSOs helping out with score keeping, time keeping and everything else that happens around the track at games and scrims! NSOing is also an excellent way to get a look into the sport and the team before even being a member. Just contact us and you are welcome to come and participate at our next game! And don’t worry, we will teach you everything you need to know!