We have three different skating levels in GBGRD - Fresh Wheels (FW), Impact Player (IP) and Game Ready (GR).
If you are new to roller derby you will start out in our Fresh Wheels group where you will be taught the basics of the sport, both skating skills and rules.

Fresh Wheels (FW)
The Fresh Wheels group practices twice a week, on Tuesdays and Sundays. To start with our Fresh Wheels, fill out the form "I want in!" and you will be invited to a try-it session where you will have a chance to try roller skating, learn more about the sport and our league, and ask any questions you might have. No previous experience needed!

Impact Player (IP)
If and/or when you have previous experience you will practice with our Impact Player group where you have some practices with the Fresh Wheels and some with the Game Ready group. Impact Players do more close-contact and game-play drills, with light contact. 

Game Ready (GR)
If you are experienced with game play, you are welcome to join our Game Ready group. GR practices three times a week including scrimmage every Tuesday. When you are Game Ready you are also welcome to apply for our travel team, the Gothenburg Aqwarriors. Fill out the form "I want in!" where you can tell us a little bit about your experience, and we'll be in touch!