•  O  F  F  I  C  I  A  L  S  •

Current offcials of GBGRD:

Supreme OverLord
Maya Pinyun
Jamela Angerson
Apprentice FW-Official

The officials group of GBGRD officiate the teams regular scrims, plan rule schools, have study groups, participate in bootcamps and officiate roller derby games all over Sweden as well as abroad.

So what is an official and what do they do?
There are skating officials (SO/zebras) and non-skating officials (NSO/Flamingos). Skating officials officiate gameplay, assess the pack, give out penalties and keep count on the score. Non-skating officials control the scoreboard, are timekeepers in the penalty box and track all the statistics. In a game of roller derby seven skating officials and up to eleven non-skating officials are needed for everything to run smoothly. 

Do you want to learn skating skills, be part of the lovely derby community, but are intimidated by contact sports? Join our zebras! Or do you want to be an important part of our community but prefer statistics and the atmosphere to skating? Join our flamingos! You don’t need any previous knowledge of roller derby or the rules, we’ll teach you all you need to know! 
If you’re interested in joining our group, or have any questions,
just shoot us an email at: officials@gbgrollerderby.se