Guess what!!! We are back on (the) track, finally!

We have had our first indoor on-track practice and it was amazing! Feeling that flat and smooth surface and hearing the fantastic sound of a plow stop really gets us pumped for a new season.

We have also held a “TRY-IT”, another one is scheduled and there already is a few new members on their way about to settle in GBGRD.
We are thrilled and we happily welcome you all.

These past seasons have not been easy on any of us. We are grateful for all of you who have been working so hard and risking your health so we can start to live our lives again. So we want to take the opportunity to thank you and wish you all good things in life.

Even though we are back indoors and no matter how happy we are, we are being careful. We are following WFTDA's back-to-play guidelines, having no close contact for several weeks and we put a lot of focus on technique and physical strength to not injure ourselves. We are keeping the distance and staying at home if we feel unwell.

Thank you - all members, for your patience, all the great work you do and for being a valuable part of GBGRD!



Keeping up with roller derby during the pandemic

There’s no surprise that Gothenburg Roller Derby, just like many other sports teams and organizations, has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Following both guidelines from the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, as well as the Swedish Public Health Agency, both our travel team Aqwarriors and our rookie group are on an on-track hiatus.
Although we may be growing impatient to get back to our normal training routines and play against other teams, we of course recognize and respect the fact that the spread of infection is still going on. So while we for a decrease of Covid cases both on a regional and worldwide level, as well as the vaccine rollout to be accessible to everyone, we have a whole spring and summer season ahead of us – meaning skating outdoors as the streets get cleared of that classic Gothenburg snow, rolling to the sea together, and practicing our skills in skate parks. 
During the winter and autumn season, after all practices were suspended due to increasing number of infections in the region, our members have kept busy. We’ve trained together over Zoom, had digital meetings and after-works, our rookies initiated a recurring Tuesday night hang-out, we’ve learned about rules with our officials, and many other things. We also elected a new board for 2021. 
Once restrictions get lifted and we can move up into a tier that allows us to do so, we look forward to welcoming new skaters to our league. Are you interested in roller derby and want to join our rookie group? Please visit our I want in page via the Contact tab on top of this page.
So until we can get back to indoor on-track training, keep an eye out for us around Gothenburg. We hope to see you all again soon!



Gothenburg Aqwarriors went to Västerås to play our last game in Division 1. We played against Norrköping Roller Derby B-team and won 166-107.
With this win we became the winners of Division 1 this season! 
What a great way to start this new season!!




EUPHORIA!! That’s the feeling that filled up Angered Arena tonight!! First scrimmage in over a year for a lot of players and first ever for others! Also the first time being NSO for some. So yes, many firsts tonight and it feels amazing! Thanks so much to everyone that participated in any way and now we can’t wait to have these kind of nights on a regular basis again. 💚 🖤 Endless derby love to you all! 💚 🖤 #gbgrd #rollerderby




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