We waited, we planned, we raised the funds, and at last we crossed the Atlantic Ocean for our first ever tournament in the United States. Despite setbacks like delayed flights and lost luggage, the trip exceeded our wildest expectations. We took on several, American teams in the small town of Rockport, Maine and we came out on top.
For the third years running, Rock Coast Rollers hosted the WFTDA sanctioned tournament Coastal Chaos. Eight teams in total battled it out for the gold. In our first game, we took on Bay State Brawlers and took home the win with a score of 332-82. Next up was Green Mountain Roller Derby, who fought hard, but the game ended 212-73 in our favor. That meant that our next game would be for the championship title of the tournament.
Our final game was against Connecticut Roller Derby, and what a brawl it was! In the beginning, the scores were even, but our players kept their cool. By half time, we had managed to pull away with the score 125 to CTRD’s 43. All we had to do now was to continue playing according to plan, and we sure did. By the end of the game, we had managed to score 248 points to CTRDS’s 94, and stood as champions of the 2017 Coastal Chaos.
It has been a spectacular ride and we are so immensely grateful to everyone who made it possible. Our thanks goes out to the officials, volunteers, the opposing teams and of course, Rock Coast Rollers for having us this amazing weekend. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the love and support of you all. Thank you to everyone who helped funding the trip and to everyone who cheered for us all the way across the ocean. You made our American dream come true.

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Image by: Images by Marie (https://www.facebook.com/imagesbymarie/) Image by: Images by Marie (https://www.facebook.com/imagesbymarie/)

During the last weekend our B-team, Badass Beavers, was keeping busy. Gothenburg Roller Derby arranged a triple header, featuring the Beavers, Uppsala BURDs and Växjö Värends Vandaler. The three teams all played each other in three exciting games during last Saturday.

Firstly, the Beavers took on Uppsala BURDs, who due to some injuries were reinforced with players from Helsingborg Helltown Hellcats, among others. After an even start, the Beavers took the lead and ended up winning the game with 222 to 76.

The second game was between BURDs and Växjö Värends Vandaler. If Uppsala were tired from already having played a game, you sure couldn’t tell, because they took home the win with 244 against 93.

In the final game of the day, the Beavers took on Växjö. Växjö put up a good fight, just coming out of their previous game, but ended up losing to the Beavers with 68 to 327.

The Beavers ended the season with two wins. You could really tell that all the track time and practices they've had has developed the team into a strong unit that works together like a well-oiled efficient machine, where everyone is always in the right spot.

Gothenburg Roller Derby and the Badass Beavers would like to thank Uppsala BURDs, Växjö Värends Vandaler, all the volunteers, skating and non-skating officials for making this day possible. We would also like to thank everyone who was there to cheer the teams on, and who helped create an amazingly lovely end of season arrangement. See you in the fall!

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Our A-Team is participating in the tournament Coastal Chaos in Rockport, Maine, hosted by Rock Coast Rollers in June. Our goal is to bring back the gold to Sweden.

We have a couple of team members who are affected by Donald Trump’s travel ban due to dual citizenships. After much consideration we decided to go - all together to show the world that we don’t back down because of racism.

Unfortunately it’s expensive to send 17 people to America. This is where you come into the picture. We need your help to collect the money we need. Every contribution is much appreciated, however big or small.

Please donate here: GBGRD A-Team Gräver Guld i USA!!

For extra generous contributors we have a beautiful Roller Derby Against Racism T-shirt. More information if you click the link.

Thank you in advance <3

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On March 4th, Gothenburg Roller Derby hosted a triple header at Angered Arena in Gothenburg. Joined by two visiting leagues, Brussels Derby Pixies from Belgium and Dirty River Roller Derby from Finland, all three games played that day were WFTDA sanctioned and had a big turnout of people cheering the players on.
First game of the day was Gothenburg versus Brussels. With both teams starting strong, Gothenburg quickly took control of the game and had scored 15 points to 0 in time for the fourth jam. At halftime, Gothenburg was still in the lead, but as the second period progressed Brussels steadily started gaining on the home team and turned the game into a real nail biter. As the final whistle sounded, the scoreboard showed 155 to Gothenburg and 114 to Brussels.
Then it was time for Brussels and Dirty River to take on each other. The teams worked really well and fought hard to score points. When the game reached halftime, Brussels had scored 121 points, but Dirty River were just 33 points behind and picked up the pace. Brussels managed to stay in the lead and when the second period was over the score read 216 to Brussels and 172 to Dirty River. While Brussels had played their two games and therefor were done for the day, it was now time for Dirty River to face off against Gothenburg.
As the third and final game of the day started, energy was still on top as the crowd got to witness yet another nail biter. While Gothenburg quickly scored points and found themselves in the lead, Dirty River put up a really good fight.  And as we entered halftime, only twelve points separated the teams. With the second half of the game being just as eventful as the first, we saw Gothenburg getting closer and closer to 200 points, with Dirty River slowly closing in behind them. As the final jam ended, Gothenburg had won their second game of the day, ending up at 214 points to 162.
We want to send a big shout-out to every player, ref, NSO and volunteer who helped make the games possible, and to everyone who came to watch! We had a great time, and hope you did too!
Don't miss our next triple header which takes place on April 1, when we'll be joined by Copenhagen Rollin Heartbreakers from Denmark and Tampere Rollin' Ho's from Finland.

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Gothenburg Roller Derby are concerned and upset about the ban against all people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen from entering the US. Like Crime City Rollers, we too have players that would not be able to enter the country due to citizenship of some of the mentioned countries.

We had planned on participating in the tournament Coastal Chaos in Maine this summer, but if some of our players cannot participate because of racist regulations, the team will not partake in the event. We stand together as a team, always.

“I feel sad and upset. Even a year ago the visa regulation changed and I and many with me had to undergo a much longer and expensive process to be able to obtain a simple tourist visa compared to other Europeans. It would feel very bitter not being able to go with my team to our first US tournament, just because my parents were born in Iran, a country I haven’t even step foot in. But I think it is important to remember that the visa ban affects many more than just athletes, business travelers and others. Families will be torn apart and people will not be able to return to their homes. This ban is a hateful and ignorant manifestation of Islamophobia", says Dorna Behdadi (Mithra #209), affected player.

Sports should be for everyone to participate in, roller derby is an inclusive sport, and we will never accept discrimination on the basis of race, religion or citizenship. This is part of larger racist politics with severe effects for many people. Gothenburg Roller Derby stand in solidarity with all those affected by racist laws and regulations, no matter if you are part of the derby world or not. We urge all sport teams to stand up against racism!

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