On November 19, Gothenburg Roller Derby hosted Day of the Ten-tackle, a double header in

Lundbystrandshallen, Göteborg.

We were joined by Dock City Rollers Plan B and Copenhagen Roller Derby All Stars, and the day turned out to be a nail biter with lots of people cheering for every team.

First up was Gothenburg Roller Derby Badass Beavers vs. Dock City Rollers Plan B. Two teams from the same city, and each fought hard to win. Right from the start, it was a nerve-wracking game. The scores remained very even throughout the first period, and by the time we got to intermission; Dock City had scored 86 points, and Badass Beavers 60. Dock City continued in the lead, meeting fierce competition from Badass Beavers. At the end of the second period, with all scores counted, Dock City Plan B had won the game with 224 points to 107.

Next up, Gothenburg Roller Derby's The A-Team faced off against Copenhagen Roller Derby All Stars. Much like the game between Badass Beavers and Plan B, it was incredibly exciting to watch, and it was hard to tell who was going to come out on top. As we reached half time, The A-Team had scored 78 points and Copenhagen were just 23 points behind. In the second period, Copenhagen started closing in even more, and as we were down to seven minutes left of the game, there was only a twelve-point difference. As the final whistle was blown, Gothenburg had taken the win, with 176 points to 127.

We would like to send a huge thanks to the teams, our officials and NSO:s, announcers, medical staff and every volunteer who came out and made this wonderful day happen. And to everyone who came and watched - thank you! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

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Next year the third Roller Derby World Cup will take place, and as previously, Sweden will be sending a Team to compete. Try outs were held earlier this year, where a couple of our players competed for a spot. We are now pleased to announce that three of our players have made the cut to train for the World Cup with Team Sweden. 

The players are (as pictured): Fia med Knuff, Mithra and Stoppless. The players are (as pictured): Fia med Knuff, Mithra and Stoppless.

Training with Team Sweden will begin shortly. All three of them are nervous, but also very excited. Big congratulations and we wish them the best of luck on their way to the World Cup.
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Presenting our two teams

Here they are - the two teams that will be representing Gothenburg Roller Derby this fall! They are The A-Team and Badass Beavers. They are training hard each week and will be playing several games this season.

The A-Team

The team is happy to see two new faces on their charter, as well as several transition skaters. They are looking forward to a season consisting of training hard and developing new strategies, making the players even better at the things they're already good at. The A-Team will be heading to Malmö on November 12, where they will face off against Roller Derby Madrid in a WFTDA sanctioned game.

The captains for The A-Team are Vulvo Amazon #56 and Rainbow Smash #34. The captains for The A-Team are Vulvo Amazon #56 and Rainbow Smash #34.

Badass Beavers

This season, the team consists of approximately 50% experienced players, and 50% new eager players, perfect conditions in other words. Badass Beavers will play 3-4 games this fall, with their main goal being an away game against Vienna's B-team on November 5. The team is focusing on making use of every player's experiences and knowledge, as well as giving everyone a chance to develop according to their own abilities.

The captains for Badass Beavers are Rollosaurus Flex #7 and Pain Gretzky #404. The captains for Badass Beavers are Rollosaurus Flex #7 and Pain Gretzky #404.

We are super proud of our teams and know they will blow everyone away out on the track! It is going to be an exciting season and we can't wait for the first game.

Keep checking our website as well as social media for news on upcoming games.

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Rookies at their second training this season Rookies at their second training this season

In  Gothenburg Roller Derby August marks the start of the derby season and there’s a lot to
look forward to this fall.


Training has started and we are happy to be back from our derby vacation. The most exciting part of a new season are the entirely new faces that have joined us. Our rookies have had their first practices and though it might be a bit of a struggle sometimes they are having a lot of fun. We love to see our league grow and meet our future derby stars. Want to be one our new skaters next season? Sign up here and we’ll get in touch with you before our next try it.

It’s also a great time for our teams who are coming together and taking form for yet another season. The A-Team are seeing a few new faces on their roster as does the Badass Beavers. We are happy to see new minimum skills skaters develop and taking their places in the teams. The Badass Beavers will have their first open scrimmage of the season 25/9  – you don’t want to miss it. 

Follow Gothenburg Roller Derby on Facebook for the Badass Beavers upcoming event and to get the latest news. Check out our Instagram @gbgrd to find out even more about us.

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The 2016 Swedish Championship in Roller Derby was held in Norrköping. This was the fourth time the Swedish Championships takes place in Sweden and the fourth time Gothenburg Roller Derby was represented in the series. Previous years Gothenburg Roller Derby has ended in fourth place in the championship and have been practicing even harder to claim a medal this year.

Saturday’s game: Dock City Rollers vs. Gothenburg Roller Derby

In Saturday’s game Gothenburg Roller Derby went up against Dock City Rollers, also from Gothenburg. Starting off with a bang Gothenburg took lead first jam and scored the first points of the game. Though playing a hard game and keeping the scores close, Dock City took the lead. and at halftime scores read 109-73 in their favour.

The second half both teams displayed really strong walls making it tough for the jammers to pass without hard hitting and smart offence. Though Gothenburg Roller Derby started out strong in the second half, they started to lose ground as the game progressed and couldn’t keep up. Dock City Rollers won the game with the final score of 269-105 and went on to play for the gold. This meant Sunday’s game would be played against Luleå Roller Derby battling for the bronze.

Sunday’s game: Gothenburg Roller Derby vs. Luleå Roller Derby.

Gothenburg Roller Derby once again played for the bronze in the Swedish Championships, this time against Luleå Roller Derby. First jam Luleå took the lead with Gothenburg Roller Derby close behind, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. The beginning half of the first period was a nail biter, until Gothenburg Roller Derby stepped up their game and ended the first period with 169-58 in their favour.

Second period Luleå Roller Derby came back stronger and both teams had to step up and change up their game shoving off some great offence work for their jammers and jammers pushing them selves even more. Despite their effort, Luleå Roller derby couldn’t keep up and Gothenburg Roller Derby kept the lead and the score difference growing ending the game with 271-117.

This meant Gothenburg Roller Derby for the first time brought home a bronze medal in the Swedish Championships!

We would like to give a big thanks to everyone cheering for us in Norrköping and from home. Your support is means a lot to us. We would also like to thank Norrköping Roller Derby for arranging this years Championships.

Now we are all off to a well deserved derby vacation, but make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are up to during the summer.

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On the 23rd of April, Gothenburg Roller Derby hosted Derby Dancing, a triple-header with two visiting leagues. Joined by Crime City Rollers from Malmö and London Roller Girls, both The A-Team and Badass Beavers played one game each. And keeping with the theme of the day, 1980s music blasted from the speakers in Lundbystrandshallen.

First up were our two guest leagues. London Batter C Power took on Crime City B in an intense game where Crime City came out victorious. With great skills, Crime City took control of the game, but London put up a good fight and soon started gaining on Malmö. After the final whistle, the score read 151 to London and 216 to Crime City.

For the second game of the day, Gothenburg’s Badass Beavers faced off against Malmö’s Crime City Cittens. Crime City took the lead pretty quickly, managing to score 22 points in the first five minutes, and by half time had secured 141 points over the Beavers’ 49 points. But as the game progressed, and as we entered the second half of the game, Badass Beavers held on, worked really well together and started scoring more and more points. In the end, Crime City Cittens won the game with 294 points against 122.

Then it was time for The A-team to play against London Batter C Power - Little London vs. Big London. The A-Team quickly took control of the game, securing a lead of 27 points against five after the first five minutes. But as we entered the second period, it turned out to be a real nail biter, as London was just behind The A-team score wise, and kept closing in. But The A-team managed to stay ahead of London, and in the end won the game with 164 points to 110.

We would like to send a huge thanks to the teams, NSOs, announcers, medical staff and every volunteer who made this fantastic day happen! And of course – thanks to everyone who came and watched the games and who attended the fabulous after party! We had a blast, and we hope you did too!

After this weekend The A-Team have climbed to number 29 on the European Flat Track Stats and aims even higher.

Next up for Gothenburg Roller Derby is the SKOD Tournament in Gent, 6 - 8 of May.

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Nobody puts anyone in a corner, but the refs might put you in the penalty box if you don't behave. 
Gothenburg Roller Derby invites you to Derby Dancing and we are all about the eighties right now. Shine bright in neon and don't leave your legwarmers at home! You don't want to miss out on our visitors from Malmö, Crime City Rollers, and all the way from England, London Rollergirls!

And folks it's a TRIPPLEHEADER!!!

12.00: CCR B vs London C
14.00: CCR C vs GBGRD B
16.30: GBGRD A vs London C

Tickets and prices at the door: 
0-12 y free entrance
13-17 y 50 kr
18 y + 100 kr
Student offer 2 for 1: 100 sek (show mecenat card or student ID at the entrance)

Mark down April 23 in your calendars and join us at Derby Dancing!

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This past Saturday The A-Team played their last game in the elite league of roller derby before the Swedish Championships in July. The A-Team went up against Crime City Rollers (CCR) who they haven’t played since last year’s Swedish Championship. 

The A-Team took lead first jam. Keeping up lead jammer The A-Team scored the first points in the game and kept their scores just out of reach from CCR. Halfway through the first period CCR caught up to The A-Team leaving the audience in suspense with a number of lead changes. By halftime CCR had passedThe A-Team, with scores reading a close 78-74 in favour of CCR. 

The second period continued with several lead changes. Both teams displaying well synced walls, strong and hard offence, as well as some smart plays by the jammers. The teams were a great match against each other, leaving us with a fun game to watch. However The A-Team picked up their game halfway through the second period increasing the score difference. By the final whistle the scores read 96-143 in favour of The A-Team. 

We would like to thank Crime City Rollers for a tough and exciting game. We would also like to thank Stockholm Roller Derby for hosting a great weekend.

Next up for The A-Team is Vienna, March 19 , which is a WFTDA sanctioned game.
The A-Team look forward to start working on their WFTDA ranking and the climb to come.

The A-Team and our Badass Beavers will both play at our first home games for the season.
Mark down March 26 in your calendars and join us at Bunny Brawl.

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