Payment information and selection of payment intervals for fees within GBGRD 2016/2017

Payments of membership and skate fees are made via invoices that are sent to your email address that you enter when you become a member of GBGRD.

We have three different payment intervals that skaters can choose from. Term, quarterly or monthly. Details of each selection are described on pages 2-3 of this document below.

Put a cross in the box that corresponds to your choice. Then mail this document to the treasurer together with your membership application. (Address is at the bottom of the document). If you later want to change the payment interval, you do this by emailing our financial accountant Beata Tråcklare; 

What applies if you do not pay your fees:
You will receive reminders on unpaid invoices. Make sure to pay your invoices on time to facilitate our work!

According to our statutes, each skater is obliged to pay a skating fee for the entire semester started, even if one skips in the middle of a semester. If you want to change the form of membership (eg from skater to inactive skater), this must be done via email to the treasurer before the new semester begins.

The board can issue a training ban for members who have not paid the skate fee in time.

According to our statutes, a member who has not paid the membership fee after a reminder is considered to have requested his resignation from the association. However, one is obliged to pay a skating fee for the entire started semester, as described above.

NOTE: Members under the age of 26 do not have to pay a membership fee for their first semester.

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