This is how withdrawal and change of membership form in GBGRD works

When you become a member of GBGRD, an insurance is taken out for you through the Swedish Skating Association. 
NOTE! Insurance is not taken out for you who become a member after January 7th
(during the spring term) and after August 7th (autumn term).

The insurance applies to accidental injuries that occur during competition or organized training performed by GBGRD or other associations linked to the Swedish Skating Association. As well as during direct travel to and from these activities. The insurance also applies during travel. You need a private home insurance with travel protection during trips abroad to cover luggage insurance. You may need to check with your insurance company what conditions apply when traveling abroad.

More info about insurance:

If you no longer want to be a member of GBGRD, or change the form of membership from, for example, skater to inactive skater, email 

According to our statutes, every skater is obliged to pay a skating fee for the entire semester started, even if one leaves in the middle of a semester. This means that you may continue to pay the skating fee for the semester, even if you stop being a member in the middle of a semester.

If you want to change the form of membership (eg from skater to inactive skater), this must be done via email to the treasurer before the new semester begins. If you want to change from skater to inactive skater in the middle of a semester, you still have to pay a skating fee for the entire semester.

You can also find this information now at the bottom of the page [Info from treasurer]

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