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Triple Riot - Gothenburg Aqwarriors vs Oslo Roller Derby
2022-12-10 in Gothenburg | Photo: Sam Lindh

Luleå Roller Derby vs Gothenburg Aqwarriors
2022-12-04 in Västerås | Photo: Micke Falk Photography

Gothenburg Aqwarriors vs Norrköping Roller Derby
2022-12-03 in Västerås | Photo: Micke Falk Photography

The Northern Takedown Tournament - Aalborg Combat Bullies VS Gothenburg Aqwarriors
2022-05-21 in Aalborg | Photo: Lasse Sand Photography

Christmas Scrimmage - Jolly Santas VS Grumpy Grinches
2021-12-11 in Gothenburg | Photo: Private Pictures

Gothenburg Aqwarriors VS Harpies Roller Derby Milano
2019-12-14 in Gothenburg | Photo: Henning Tørnby

Gothenburg Aqwarriors VS Västerås Roller Derby
2019-11-10 in Stockholm | Photo: Johan Antus

Scrim feat. Helltown Hellcats & Suffer City Sweethearts
2016-02-21 in Gothenburg | Photo: Victoria Utbult

Bout Witch Project
2015-10-31 in Gothenburg | Photo: Ola Oskarsson

Series Game, tournament 1, GBGRD VS STRD
2015-09-27 in Malmö  Photo: Fredrik Lövgren

Mixed Scrimmage GBGRD-DCR
2014-10-12 in Gothenburg | Photo: Fredrik Wik

SM 2014 - BORÅS
Gothenburg Roller Derby vs Västerås Roller Derby

SM 2014 - BORÅS
Gothenburg Roller Derby vs Dock City Rollers

SM 2014 - BORÅS
Stockholm Roller Derby vs Gothenburg Roller Derby