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Photo: Micke Falk Photography Photo: Micke Falk Photography

May 23rd 2015
Västerås Rollerderby – GBGRD The A-Team

Gothenburg Roller Derby, The A-Team, traveled to Västerås for the last game of this years swedish roller derby league, going up against Västerås Rollerderby. The A-Team walked away with the win and are now ready to compete in the Swedish Championships this summer in Sundsvall. The A-Team also climbed one step on the European Flat Track Stats and are now ranked 85 in Europe.

The A-Team took the lead in the first jam against Västerås Rollerderby and played a steady game. With a lead around 20-30 points The A-Team went into the second period with an upper hand. For the second period The A-Team kept up the score difference and Västerås Rollerderby was not able to catch up. The A-Team kept the lead through out the game ending with a score of 133-175.

It was a very exciting game with lots of good offence play. We are very proud of our win and we thank Västerås Rollerderby for a great game. This win qualifies Gothenburg Roller Derby The A-Team for the Swedish Championships which takes place the on 4th and 5th of July in Sundsvall. We'll see you there!

Get all the updates about the Swedish Championships here.


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Photo: Karin Bergdahl Photo: Karin Bergdahl

May 9th 2015
LRD Slaughter Daughters – GBGRD The A-Team

The A-Team travelled to the northern parts of Sweden to play Luleå Roller Derby's Slaughter Daughters for the second to last game in the Swedish roller derby league for both teams. The A-Team won over Slaughter Daughters and are now one step closer to competing in the Swedish championship in July. The A-Team also climbed  on the European Flat Track Stats and are now ranked 86 in Europe.

The A-Team took the lead first jam and started out with a steady growing score difference. Halfway through the first period the scoreboard read 2-49 in favour of The A-Team. Slaughter Daughters picked up the pace and started to catch up leaving the scores 49-74 at halftime. The A-Team kept the lead from start through out the second period as well ending the game with a final score of 98-187.

It was a tough game with strong walls and hard hitting as well as strong and sneaky jamming. We thank Luleå Roller Derby for a great game and an amazing weekend up north. Read more about the game in a local newspapers sport section here

For their next game The A-Team travel to Västerås to play Västerås Roller Derby for their last game leading up to the Swedish championship. Join us in Västerås the 23rd May and cheer for The A-Team.

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