One loss and one win for GBGRD

Last Saturday Gothenburg Roller Derby had two Danish teams over for a double header in Angereds arena.

The first game, between GBGRD Badass Beavers and Aalborg Combat Bullies ended 99 – 276. The Danish team has only been bouting for about half a year, but has come a long way in those six months. Badass Beavers managed to keep up the spirit and scored 99 points, even though one of their main jammers got hurt and could not play the entire game.

The game between GBGRD The A-Team and Aarhus Derby Danes was a closer one. This was the second time the teams played each other and last time Aarhus won by 82 points. The A-Team was eager to get their revenge and took the lead as soon as the first whistle went off. They managed to keep their advantage through the whole game, but the point difference got smaller and smaller in the last trembling minutes of the game, which ended 177-150 in Gothenburg’s advantage.

 We thank the Combat Bullies and the Derby Danes for two exciting games and a fun day of roller derby. Current ranking’s for Gothenburg Roller Derby’s teams are:
GBGRD The A-Team: 101
GBGRD Badass Beavers: 296

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