We’re back!

Parts of our A- and B-team on the first practice for this season. Parts of our A- and B-team on the first practice for this season.

Last week Gothenburg Roller Derby started training again after six weeks of well-deserved derby vacation. Our league continues to grow and this autumn we welcome 12 new rookies and one transfer from Visby Valkyries.

The first practices, we have felt stronger and better than ever and we are now very excited to kick start this season. Both the A-Team and the Badass Beavers have new skaters and are thrilled to play games outside of Sweden, in Germany and Spain.

But before anyone travels that far, the A-Team will travel to Malmö to play both Dock City Rollers and Stockholm Roller Derby BSTRD:s in the first Elitserie weekend for this season. Elitserien is played for the second year in a row and this years’ competing teams are: Stockholm Roller Derby, Crime City Rollers, Dock City Rollers, Gothenburg Roller Derby, Luleå Roller Derby and The Royal Swedish Roller Derby.

On the 17th of October The A-Team will play their very first WFTDA game against Barcelona Roller Derby. This is a mile stone in the journey of Gothenburg Roller Derby and something we have been working towards for several years.

The weekend before that, Badass Beavers are travelling to Ludwigsburg in Germany to play Barock City Roller Derby. This will be our B-teams first ever away-game, another big mile stone for us.

For more information about our teams’ games this season, please look at the tour dates section of our homepage.

The A-team´s new roster
Die Mauer #0030
Exe Q T #403
Fearhunter #51
Fia med Knuff  #61
Fred Finta #1618
Juicefine Machine #71
Julie Jet #44
Mithra #209
One Woman Army #621
Polly Morphic #273
Rainbow Rebellion  #34
Stoppless #414
Voi Vittu #0980
Vulvo Amazon #56

Badass Beaver´s new roster
Achtung Schlachtung 0691
Arty #85
Belle-in the Beast #247
Carrie #036
Cherryfuck #69
Foxy Fistfight
Graceful Gravedigger #13
Kallio #019
Nacho Friend #4
Punkster Fofa #354
RAWRy Killmore #42
RToBeatU #042
Smal Somal #035
sMocolicious #77™
Swaggy #2
Viva Las Big Ass #182



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